7 Steps to American Manufacturing Success

Midmarket Institute

This in-depth report looks at the top challenges facing American manufacturers.  We get inside manufacturing and take a look at the threats to it and the opportunities for meeting today’s toughest business challenges. In this context, we highlight seven issues that can make the difference between achieving manufacturing excellence or mediocrity.  They are:
• Identifying and Managing Supply Chain Risk
• Including Demand Planning in the Value Chain
• Building Collaborative Networks of Suppliers & Customers
• Demonstrating Sustainable Value
• Attracting the People and Skills Needed for the Manufacturer of the Future
• Optimizing Manufacturing Processes
• Competing in a Low-Cost Manufacturing World

Why Is This Relevant To The Midmarket: 

Manufacturing had been the heart and soul of the American economy for years.  Discover the fundamentals of that manufacturers have to tackle for a continued resurgence.