CEO.1 - The Mind of the Midmarket Business Owner


Rob Slee

CEO, Robertson & Foley

CEO.1 - The Mind of the Midmarket Business Owner

Interview with Rob Slee, Midmarket Expert

Most midsize companies are privately owned.  What is the kind of person that owns a midsize company?  What drives him/her  to build a company, often, over decades?  

Rob Slee is one of the foremost experts on the middle market.  He has bought and sold  hundreds of midmarket companies, raised capital for hundreds of them, and has personally owned about 45 midmarket companies.  He is also a prolific writer and the founder of MIDAS NATION, a network of advisors who help business owners create more value in their business.  He has written the most authoritative book on the private capital markets where the midsize companies raise capital and get bought or sold.  If you are looking for platitudes or fluff talk, you won’t hear it from Rob – he tells it like it is.  So, if you want some unvarnished insights into the mind of the midmarket business owner, jump in, strap your seat belt, open your mind and get ready for a wild ride on Midmarket Radio.

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